Transformation is an act of creation, and the creative process is messy!
Messy, fun, scary, And exhilarating - It’s a lot like play.



Play puts us in the present moment without concern for outcomes.  It is spontaneous, inherently pleasurable and creative. Play comes in many forms. Clients use their imaginations to expand what they believe is possible for themselves.  Our group and team clients use improv, a type of play that focuses on listening, being aware, and trusting your intuition, to foster being present.



In order to be present, we must silence the inner critic we hear in our heads. As clients cultivate the skill of being open to others and being aware of their situations, they can see themselves and the choices they make truthfully. Presence of mind and body is essential to living purposefully.


I believe people possess everything they need to live mindfully, but sometimes we lose sight of that. I work with clients, individually and in groups and teams, to discover or rediscover what is true for them. Clients are then able to purposefully choose their path. They set intentions that inspire them to do things they didn’t think were possible.