Improv improves confidence, builds your leadership presence, enhances communication skills, and is a lot of fun!

Why Improv?

Life can be challenging, especially with the personal goals and expectations we set ourselves. Improv will transform fear into confidence and teach you to embrace the life’s truths, absurdities, and realities, so that you can release your true, authentic self. The lessons are simple, but very powerful — here are some of my favorite take-ways from being a passionate improv practitioner: 

  1. Increase Your Self-Confidence and Be Courageous.
  2. Focus on the Process, not the Outcome.
  3. Find your Voice.
  4. Enhance Creativity and Innovation.
  5. Improve Your Listening and Observation Skills.
  6. Transform Stress to be Fuel for Performance, not a Hinderance.
  7. Enhance Your Public Speaking and Communication Skills.
  8. Adapt to Change.
  9. Finding New Ways to Collaborate in a Team or Family Dynamic.
  10. Foster Deeper Levels of Trust and Intimacy.
  11. Think on Your Feet and Roll with Life's Punches.
  12. Embrace the Unknown and all of Life's Possibilities.
  13. Laugh at Yourself (and not be Embarassed!).

Let play transform you!

Many of these lessons seem so utterly simple, and yet they can be deceptive and quite difficult to achieve, which is why I love how improv teaches us to discover a new way of approaching all we’ve learned and to adopt a new mindset in a fun, creative environment.

Why not give improv a go? Book a spot on one of the upcoming improv workshops below or contact me here if you would like to arrange a custom corporate improv coaching day.