Corporate Coaching

Tailored to your corporate or non-profit needs

Leveraging each organization's business goals, I bring high energy custom design coaching programs that uncover the potential of everyone in your team! I partner with small startups as well as large corporations and non-profits to support your employees and leadership teams become more successful. After all, your employees are your greatest asset!

With a custom corporate coaching package, watch your team become:

  • More collaborative and better team players.

  • Great innovators by developing their creative skills.

  • Deeply engaged with their work and more productive.

  • Intuitive to each other's needs and personalities.

  • Confident in themselves and each other.

  • Faster on their feet and better at adapting to change.

  • Strong leaders and exceptional communicators.

  • And so much more!

Our sessions promise to be fun, engaging, and infinitely rewarding. Let's get started by discussing some of your business' biggest challenges and how to boost your ROI with a complimentary conference call.

For more information:

Let's schedule a complimentary  phone call to discuss your business needs.

We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in
anything than when we are playing.
— Charles Schaefer
Executive Coaching and corporate improve workshops with Regina Bartolone in Durham, North Carolina

Executive Coaching

I provide a bespoke, one-on-one coaching process for corporate and non-profit leaders. Through a collaborative coaching process, the coach works with executive clients and explores the unique challenges that each leader faces. Through active listening, thought-provoking questions and direct feedback, the coach helps leaders discover fresh perspectives and new approaches to optimally navigating the issues they encounter.

The process is confidential and sensitive to the busy schedules leaders have.